11 Right-Wing Parties to Join Salvini Rally Ahead of EU Elections

Representatives of 11 right-wing European parties will join the major rally to be held by Italian Deputy Prime Minister and leader of Lega party, Matteo Salvini, in Milan on Saturday to mobilise support for his party ahead of the upcoming European parliamentary elections, a Lega spokesperson told Sputnik.

"We expect a full square. The slogan of the rally is ‘Italy first! Toward a Common Sense Europe. There will be 11 representatives of the European parties taking part, and then there will be Matteo Salvini,” the spokesperson said.

The Lega spokesperson said that Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Rally, was also expected to join the rally.

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The spokesperson added that Lega events had always been an example of security and order and that Saturday's rally would meet those standards.

Salvini's party's main stronghold is the northern Italian region of Lombardy, where Salvini is conducting an active social network campaign inviting supporters for the rally and organizing free buses to the region's capital, Milan, from every region of the country.

According to the projections, Lega is going to gain as many as 26 seats in the next European Parliament – a dramatic increase from the current 6 seats.

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Salvini is reaching to build a pan-European bloc of populists ahead of the elections to the European Parliament scheduled to take place from May 23-26. In mid-April, he launched a campaign to unite populist sympathizers under the motto "Toward a Common Sense Europe!"

Apart from Lega, the alliance already includes the Alternative for Germany, The Finns Party, the Danish People's Party, the French National Rally party, Austria's Freedom Party and the Conservative People's Party of Estonia.

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