Number of Boat Migrants Reaching UK On Pace To Shatter Last Year’s Count

More than 12,000 illegal aliens will reach United Kingdom shores via the English Channel this year if the current pace holds.

The number of migrants arriving in the U.K. by boat so far in 2021 has already eclipsed the previous year's figures substantially, according to reports.

Migration Watch U.K. reports 8,713 boat migrants reached the country in 2020 - on record - saying, "It is clear that the problem is getting worse and worse."

"What is perhaps more worrying is that the number of attempted crossings has shot up by 50% to nearly a 1,000 in the first six weeks of the year alone. This is suggests that traffickers and those would enter illegally are becoming more emboldened by the government’s weak response."

During the initial six weeks of 2021, at least 411 illegals entered the U.K. via the Channel, up from 286 in the first two months of 2020.

However, as the Foxhole notes, more than 75 migrants arrived in Britain on Tuesday - with nearly a week still remaining in the month.

"Adding yesterday’s Border Force haul of 77 boat migrants to the February 2021 figures points to an eye-watering 44% uptick in annual arrivals which, if the pace continues, would leave the UK with over twelve and a half thousand migrants arriving by boat this year," the outlet reports.

"That’s the equivalent of three military brigades or a fully staffed army division."

Infowars Europe has documented the monumental increase of illegal migration along the English Channel in recent years.

More migrants made the crossing last September than during the entirety of 2019.

General Honore is responsible for the illegal gun grab after Hurricane Katrina, and now he's tasked with going after Trump supporters.

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