16-Year-Old Dutch Protester Shot at by Police Under Investigation For Manslaughter

The 16-year-old demonstrator who was shot at by police during a farmers protest in the Netherlands says he is under investigation for manslaughter.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in the northern town of Heerenveen when Jouke Hospes had live rounds fired at his tractor during the protest.

Authorities immediately claimed that Hospes had deliberately tried to drive his vehicle into officers, but video footage of the confrontation shows this did not happen.

Hospes described how the incident began, saying farmers were already starting to leave the area when they were confronted by armed police.

“Behind me, it was clear, so I decided to go around it. I calmly crossed the sidewalk and drove very calmly. I went to see if traffic was approaching and if I could cross the road. I was driving [slowly], and suddenly I heard a PANG in my right ear. I thought there soon would be a second one.”

“I didn’t have any damage, so I thought it was a rubber bullet… However, I stopped for a while at Oudehaske, and when I was walking around the tractor, I saw a hole in the iron. All kinds of thoughts went through my head.”

“I have been released for the attempted manslaughter and am still a suspect tonight in my own bed,” said Hospes, who claims he did nothing wrong and is lucky to be alive.

Illustrating the anger stirred up by the incident, the officer who shot at Hospes was reportedly evacuated from his home and is now in hiding.

Hospes was arrested and held in prison, prompting a huge crowd to show up outside the facility to express their support.

After police were given immunity from manslaughter charges for shooting at protesters, numerous different video clips emerged of police recklessly waving guns around.

“Since the orders were declared, police have been seen wearing military-style equipment, have used tear gas against protesters, and have now shown that they’re willing to fire on anyone, even a teenage boy,” reports The Counter Signal.

As we document in the video below, the farmers are protesting against drastic ‘green agenda’ nitrogen cuts which would see their livelihoods devastated.

In order to comply with technocratic globalist rules on climate change cuts, farmers would be paid by the government not to produce food, while 30% of farms would be forced to close down for good.

The restrictions are being imposed at the behest of the World Economic Forum’s ‘great reset’ agenda despite rampant food inflation and a cost of living crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.


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As we celebrate our independence this year we must remember that the 1973 film Soylent Green took place in 2022.

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