20,000 Migrants Mounting ‘Imminent Breakthrough’ to EU, Austria Warns

Austrian government officials are warning that more than 20,000 migrants at the Bosnia-Croatia border are mounting an “imminent” invasion into the EU, according to Kronen Zeitung.

Some 95 percent of the migrants are “young men, almost all armed with knives — a border policeman has already been stabbed,” say analysts for Group III (Migration) at the Austrian Interior Ministry.

They also say that virtually none of the migrants are coming from Syria, but instead hail primarily from Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, and Algeria.

“The most up-to-date information from the liaison officers on the situation in the Bosnian-Croatian border area at Velika-Kladusa, 224 kilometers from Spielfeld, is on the desk of the head of department at the Ministry of the Interior,” Kronen Zeitung reports. “Their analysis: A breakthrough attempt by ‘at least 20,000 migrants’ at this border crossing to Central Europe could be imminent.”

Liaison officers on the ground also revealed that migrants are well-funded, carrying prepaid bank cards bearing UNHCR and UNICEF logos — effectively confirming a highly-circulated report by Infowars Europe last week regarding migrants in the Balkans using MasterCard bank cards of the same description.

Austrian officials are growing increasingly concerned with the situation near Velika-Kladusa as Croatian border forces stave off increasing violence and chaos.

“The Croats are really trying to handle this alone. They have also positioned special forces at this passage,” the Interior Ministry says, adding that while “Europe does not want to impose any help on the Croats,” a breach of the border could signal tens of thousands more migrants to flock to the vulnerable region.

Hungary recently announced the mobilization of 2,300 troops prepared to deploy to their southern border on short notice, warning that some 70,000 migrants have amassed in the Balkans and are preparing to swarm Europe.

Hungarian parliamentary spokesman Istvan Hollik compared the current situation in the Balkans to the slew of migrant 'caravans' making their way from Central America to the U.S., asserting that both are being spurred onward financially by the "Soros Express" as a "dress rehearsal" for eventual endless, "automatic" migration from the third world into the West.


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