200 Africans Storm Spanish Enclave, 50 Break Through

Approximately 200 migrants attempted to break into a Spanish enclave in North Africa on Friday, with roughly 50 successfully reaching E.U. soil, according to reports.

Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city which shares a border with Morocco, was the target of an organized invasion mission by hundreds of sub-Saharan migrants who used hooks and improvised weapons in an attempt to penetrate double fences reaching nearly 20 feet in height.

“Despite the early warning and deployment of the police, both on the Spanish side (with the participation of agents GRS and the helicopter of the Guardia Civil, three patrols of the National Police and two of the Local Police) and Moroccan, the Government Delegation says that the migrants have dispersed in a radius of action greater than a kilometer and a half, with about 50 of them managing to enter our city,”  El Faro de Melilla reports.

“During the jump, the migrants used hooks as weapons thrown against the agents, in addition to stones and other objects, the Government Delegation highlights.”

Six officers were reportedly injured during the raid, as well as two Africans who were taken by ambulance to hospital.

Tens of thousands of migrants are reportedly present in the vicinities of Melilla and Ceuta, both Spanish enclaves on the African continent, which are frequently targeted for such incursions by large groups seeking instant rewards for reaching E.U. domain.

Candace Owens exposes the lies and propaganda of the left claiming migrants are living in hellhole cages, when the evidence shows this is not true.


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