95% of Pickpockets on Brussels Public Transit are Foreigners - Official

Some 95 percent of pickpockets operating on or near public transportation in Brussels are foreigners, according to figures obtained by a member of parliament.

Belgian MP Brecht Vermeulen reportedly requested information regarding the nationalities of petty thieves from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and shared his findings with local outlet Sceptr.

Between 2008 and the first quarter of 2018, only five percent of pickpockets caught by authorities held Belgian nationality.

Data on the remaining 95 percent is broken down into three subcategories.

"The largest group are foreign nationals who come from outside the EU," Sceptr reports. "They represent almost 46 percent of pickpockets on Brussels public transport. Some 43 percent of the cases concern residents of the European Union, and the remaining 5.9 percent come from European countries that are not members of the EU, such as Albania."

MP Vermeulen said it is unknown how many of the foreign offenders were in Belgium illegally - a lack of information he says is "unacceptable."

"We can not put our heads in the sand," Vermeulen said. "Measuring is knowing. Only with detailed information can the relevant political authorities and security services draw up an adequate security policy."

"The problems with migrants at the Brussels-North Station, one of the major hubs of public transport in Brussels, are known."

Migrants have effectively turned parts of Brussels-North Station into squatter camps after winter weather prompted them to relocate from nearby Maximilian Park, where they gather by the hundreds in warmer seasons.

Sam van Rooy, a representative of Flemish nationalist-populist party Vlaams Belang, recently tweeted footage of himself walking through Brussels-North Station.

"The whole ground floor of Brussels-North is a dirty, dirty and unsafe open illegal camp," Rooy wrote. "They play football. It has become of them. And no one does anything about it."

"Thousands of illegal immigrants stay in the heart of Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, and the government does nothing about it," Belgian journalist Tom Lallemand told Infowars Europe. "In the station they harass women and cause an incredibly nasty smell because they leave their waste and even feces everywhere."

"Bus companies avoid the station because it's too dangerous and the government asks their officials to do the same."

A new op-ed by George Soros appears to predict the fall of the EU.


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