A Third of Berlin Residents Feel Unsafe in Own Neighborhoods

Roughly a third of people living in Berlin say they feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods, according to a new survey.

Just 68% of respondents told the German research firm Forsa they felt secure in their districts, an "extremely low number compared to other cities," notes the report, which was prepared for Berliner Zeitung.

In comparison, 93% of residents of Bonn said they feel safe.

The lion's share (77%) of Berliners said they would not allow their underage children to ride buses and trains alone at night.

Infowars regularly documents crimes committed on public transportation in Germany and other Western European countries, many of which are committed by suspects with migration backgrounds.

Also of note is the stark contrast in opinions between left-wing voters and conservatives.

Members of radical socialist parties overwhelmingly said they are comfortable being out and about in their neighborhoods after dark, while just 32% of supporters of the nationalist-populist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) agreed with those sentiments.

Interestingly, the findings of another survey were published over the weekend by Blick.

Opinion research institute INSA found that a majority of Germans believe the government has taken in "too many refugees."

"The new asylum record puts communities in trouble. The fear of violence is increasing. According to a new survey, the majority of Germans now want immigration to be limited," Junge Freiheit reports.

Infowars has tracked surging crime and related issues in Germany since the 2015-2016 migration crisis as millions of foreigners from predominantly Islamic countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa have flooded the zone.

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