Adult Migrants to Attend High School in Sweden

A new policy in Lund, Sweden will have adult "asylum seekers" attend high school while waiting for asylum decision.

A local politician criticized the education board’s decision by explaining what it entails.

“Grown-up foreigners will be in the same high school class as your children,” said the politician. “And you pay for it! Do not think it ends here.”

The policy is designed to be accommodating to migrants as it circumvents existing laws saying people over 18 do not have the right to benefit from certain national programs.

Moreover, the education agency admits the school is effectively a placeholder location for foreign nationals as they would "have nothing to do" otherwise.

“[A] person who is 18 years old is not entitled to apply for national programs, but also not [allowed] to attend adult education," said the agency. “It will be a two year gap since they have nothing to do. Nor should they work if they did not apply for a special residence permit that gives work permits. Which is a process in itself.”

The annual cost to insert each adult into a school is at least $12,000 dollars, but the cost increases if they come from different municipalities.

Critics say the policy gives priority to "asylum seekers" over competent Swedish students who want to attend the same school.

(PHOTO: winvide via Wikimedia Commons)

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