Afghan Migrant Asked London Shoppers If They Were English Before Knife Attacks - Court

An Afghan asylum seeker stalked London shops demanding to know the nationalities of strangers before attempting to stab them with a large knife if they appeared to be English, a U.K. jury has heard.

Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, was reportedly charged with ‘attempted murder and wounding with intent’ following the January rampage, some of which was caught on CCTV cameras.

Akbari can allegedly be seen accosting a man in a Tesco supermarket, where he is said to have asked Nathan Speight his nationality.

After Speight said he was from the U.K., Akbari allegedly swung a 10-inch blade at Speight, who fell to the ground but was able to fend Akbari off.

Prosecutor Heidi Stonecliffe says Speight barely had time to defend himself as “events would unfold with such frightening speed.”

“On that evening in January this year this defendant had set out deliberately to threaten, harm and kill members of the public by virtue of their nationality, or what Mr. Akbari perceived to be their nationality – they were English.”

In the span of the following 10 minutes, Akbari allegedly attacked more unsuspecting victims in two more businesses.

John Hoy and his friends say they fought back against Akbari after he attacked them as they ate dinner at a kebab shop, forcing him to flee.

Barry Watkins was exiting a local pub following a billiards tournament when Akbari allegedly forced him back inside, and ‘demanded’ to know the nationalities of Watkins and his friends.

“He and his friends replied that they were English, at which point the defendant started lunging at them with the knife,” said Ms. Stonecliffe.

Stonecliffe told the jury Akbari is expected to claim he was “too drunk” to manifest an intent to kill, but stated her belief his actions were “deliberate and considered.”

“He knew exactly what he was doing and he took care not to be caught,” Stonecliffe said.

Akbari’s cousin reportedly called the 999 emergency hotline, telling authorities, “He said he wants to kill the English people. I can see his eyes, he’s serious. He will do it. He’s trying to run and he will kill someone. Please come quickly.”

Akbari was eventually apprehended by police.

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(PHOTO: Screenshot / Met Police)

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