Afghan Migrant Charged With Killing Teen In Arctic Norway Village

An Afghan migrant has been arrested and charged with stabbing an 18-year-old boy to death in a remote Arctic village in Norway.

The victim, Håvard Pedersen, was working at a local market in Vadsø when an Afghan migrant entered and killed him with a 'knife-like' weapon, according to authorities.

The Afghan is reportedly 17-years-old and arrived in Norway in 2015 seeking ‘asylum.’

"Who has done this we are reasonably sure," said investigator Steffen Andreassen.

Authorities claim the motive for murder is unknown, however town officials had been alerted to troubling behavior by the migrant at least twice in recent weeks.

Local police confirm they received complaints that the Afghan had been stalking girls and following them to their homes in late June, and Vadsø acting mayor Otto Strand corroborates this information.

Additionally, a co-worker of Pedersen’s took to Facebook to reveal that he had also warned authorities about the Afghan’s disturbing conduct, but that his concerns were dismissed.

“I informed the municipality two weeks ago to look after the boy,” wrote the Coop employee, who is said to also have a 'foreign background.' “He knocks on doors and interferes with people, and comes to the store and looks like a sick person.”

Tiny Vadsø lies well above the Arctic Circle in a remote region of Norway, leaving some to wonder why Middle Eastern ‘asylum seekers’ would be placed there and expected to integrate effectively.

(PHOTO: Janter / Wikimedia Commons)

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