Afghan Migrant Who Raped and Strangled 13-Year-Old Was Given Asylum in UK After Arriving on a Boat

An Afghan migrant who drugged, raped and strangled a 13-year-old girl to death in Austria found his way onto a boat before arriving in England and being housed at taxpayer expense.

Refugees welcome!

Rasuili Zubaidullah took part in the despicable gang rape and murder of 13-year-old Leonie Walner in Vienna on June 26, 2021 after the teenager was drugged with ecstasy and lured to one of the four Afghan’s apartments.

After being strangled to death, Walner’s body was rolled up in a carpet and dumped on the street.

While the other culprits were arrested, Zubaidullah fled Austria by paying people smugglers in Dunkirk, France to help him board a boat to illegally enter Britain.

On July 18, he was given asylum by border officials and subsequently accommodated in a taxpayer-funded hostel in Whitechapel, East London.

Only after Austrian authorities warned the British government of Zubaidullah’s involvement in the murder was he detained by officers from the the UK’s National Extradition Unit 11 days after setting foot on British soil.

After the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an international arrest warrant, London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court ordered the extradition Zubaidullah from the UK.

However, his lawyers are still claiming he shouldn’t be extradited because he hasn’t been formally charged in Austria and Zubaidullah has been given a week to appeal the judge’s decision.

Despite innumerable examples of boat migrants and “refugees” carrying out rapes, murders, violent crimes and in some cases being involved in jihadist terror attacks, they continue to be provided with a free taxi service upon entering British waters.

Last year marked a record for boat migrants arriving in the UK, with more than 28,300 entering via the English channel, thanks to help from British border authorities and charities like the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Following the previous refugee crisis, when over a million mostly economic migrants entered Europe, ISIS bragged about how it had exploited porous borders to sneak jihadists into the west.

This led directly to multiple mass casualty terror attacks, including the Paris massacre.


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