African, Asian Migrants Entering EU Amid Ukraine Refugee Flows

Thousands of people from Africa and Asia are entering the European Union amid refugee flows from Ukraine, according to reports.

A historic humanitarian crisis sparked by conflict in Ukraine has provided an opportunity for many migrants to travel deeper into Europe, including those who unsuccessfully attempted to penetrate countries neighboring Belarus in recent months.

"Most of the people who were turned back at the time have been able to pass since then and the war has reshuffled the cards,” a French official told Le Figaro.

Roughly 5,000 'war refugees' had arrived in France by the beginning of this week, and roughly one in three were not from Ukraine.

"The latest arrivals include more than 7.5% Algerians, 3.5% Ivorians, 3.5% Moroccans, 2.5% Indians, 2.5% Kyrgyz, 2% Congolese, 1 5% Cameroonians, 1% Pakistanis, but also Nigeriens, Chinese, Guineans, Angolans," Le Figaro reports.

"Your colleagues from Le Figaro have revealed that one in three refugees arriving from Ukraine is not of Ukrainian nationality but from Algeria, Morocco, etc. They take advantage of the humanitarian corridor to enter Schengen," French politician Marion Maréchal told CNEWS during a recent interview.

Approximately 80,000 migrants from 138 different countries had 'fled Ukraine' by the end of last week, according to the International Organization for Migration.

"The flow of refugees from Ukraine is not drying up, it is changing in nature. On the Ukrainian side, thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan or Kurdish migrants taken hostage last summer by the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko now find themselves mixed up in the flow," Le Progres reported last week.

The German government recently announced refugees from Ukraine would be welcomed regardless of nationality.

"We want to save lives. That doesn't depend on the passport," German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told Bild am Sonntag.

More than 2.5 million people have reportedly fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in late February.

Evidence shows dozens of NATO funded bio-labs surrounding Russia.


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