Asylum Seeker Smashes Dozens of Cars in Germany, Causes Over $50,000 in Damages

An 'asylum seeker' from Gambia vandalized over 20 vehicles parked at a train station in Lauffen, Germany, inflicting more than 50,000 euros in damage, police say.

Dozens of cars were smashed with an iron bar by the suspect, who had explicitly signaled his intentions to police the day before, according to fellow migrants housed at his asylum facility.

“The young man had apparently begun on Sunday to riot in the asylum shelter. He is said to have cut cables, destroyed phones and bicycles. With a screwdriver he poked holes in the bicycle tires,” Stimme reports.

"The refugees at the property said Monday evening that the 21-year-old had shouted to the police on Sunday that he would continue rioting and tomorrow - Monday - he would destroy cars. The police left when the situation had calmed down, instructing the other refugees that they should contact them if there were problems again."

Additionally, city officials and asylum workers had reportedly convened at the shelter to address the man's behavior from the previous day, which apparently continued during their visit, yet he was not taken into custody or prevented from embarking on a vandalism spree.

A police spokesman would not say whether authorities knew about the suspect's car smashing rampage ahead of time, but confirmed that officers responded to calls about the man’s outburst on Sunday, also acknowledging that he had threatened to kill his roommate.

The suspect was arrested and admitted to a mental clinic to address his psychological 'emergency.’

Commuters and workers whose cars were damaged are now outraged at a lack of preventative action taken by officials to protect their property, which reportedly may not be covered by insurance.

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