African Illegal Arrested for Raping Underage Girl on Road in Spain

Police in Spain arrested an African illegal alien with a criminal background for allegedly stalking and raping an underage girl on her way home from a nightclub this week, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded during the overnight hours on Sunday in Valencia.

A girl under the age of 17 was climbing into a taxi outside a club when a man she had met inside slid into the vehicle with her.

However, the girl did not have enough money to pay for the full ride home, so the driver dumped them off in the town of Burjassot.

At that point, the man allegedly dragged the victim into bushes along the road and raped her.

“After the event, the victim, very nervous, was able to take another taxi and quickly climbed into the passenger seat,” El Mundo reports.

“The alleged assailant followed her again and sat in the back of the vehicle. However, the minor was able to ask the driver for help at one point in the journey.”

The driver, detecting a “high degree of nervousness” in the victim, drove directly to the nearest police station and alerted officers, who arrested the suspect.

He was identified as a 25-year-old Algerian national illegally present in Spain who was already known to authorities.

The girl was taken for medical treatment and investigators located a used condom at the crime scene.

Interestingly, El Mundo neglected to share any information about the suspect's nationality, immigration status, or criminal background until the final paragraph of their report – a point which Santiago Abascal, president of the nationalist-populist VOX party, made on social media.

"Last paragraph of the news: 'The arrested man, an Algerian national, with a police record and in an irregular situation in Spain...'" Abascal wrote on Twitter.

"Another 'isolated case.'  The government endangers women!"

Mainstream media often obfuscates or completely omits key information from reports about crimes committed by migrants in Western nations.

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