African Migrant Shoves Elderly Woman Onto Train Tracks in Germany

An elderly woman was thrown off a train platform by an African migrant in Frankfurt, Germany, authorities say.

The suspect, a 46-year-old Nigerian man already known to police, was fleeing inspectors after being busted for riding without a ticket when he shoved his victim onto the tracks.

The fare dodger was being escorted off a train by Deutsche Bahn employees at the Frankfurt Airport station when he took off running.

During his escape, he pushed a 60-year-old woman with such force that it sent her flying off the platform, according to Bild.

She struck her head and was knocked unconscious, but inspectors were able to carry her to safety before a train came through.

"Civil investigators from the federal police, who had observed the course of events, managed to arrest the Nigerian," Junge Freiheit reports. "He is now being investigated for bodily injury and fraudulent use of services."

"In addition, the African, who is already known to the police, is accused of predatory extortion."

Germany has been rocked by multiple deadly 'train shoving' incidents involving migrants and innocent victims in recent years.

Habte Araya, a migrant from Eritrea, threw an 8-year-old boy and his mother in front of a train at Frankfurt main station in 2019, killing the child.

Laura Loomer joins the Alex Jones Show to break down her recent detainment by DHS.

(PHOTO: Andreas Arnold/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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