African Migrant Tells Police He Battered Man With Iron Bar Because It 'Made Him Happy'

Police in France have arrested an Eritrean man who told them he hit a fellow migrant with a metal rod because it 'made him happy,' according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Sunday in the town of Arques at a hotel being used as a housing facility for around 20 'asylum seekers.'

"The former Lemon hotel, located in the Lobel area of ​​Arques, has become a shelter for migrants," La Voix du Nord reports.

"It was there that a man, an Eritrean, assaulted another exile with an iron bar before threatening him with a small kitchen knife on September 26."

When police arrived, the Eritrean told them he carried out the attack because it "made him happy."

"Of the 20 people received here, he is the only one that poses a problem," a source told the paper.

The suspect is reportedly well-known to authorities and has a violent criminal history.

He was convicted of sexual assault in a French juvenile court last year.

The Eritrean, who is now in custody, has refused to speak to officials.

A criminal trial set for September 29 was postponed.

Infowars frequently documents violence and chaos at asylum facilities across Europe.

The Peter Daszak Eco Health Alliance ruse is disintegrating after the smoking gun was discovered.


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