African Migrants Brutally Beat Swedish Man for Asking Them to Speak Quietly on Phone

Two African migrants have been convicted of viciously beating a man in Sweden after he asked them to speak more quietly on the phone, according to reports.

A Swedish court has convicted two Eritrean men for carrying out a brutal attack in Gävle in September of 2019.

The victim, a Swedish man in his 30s, had passed by the migrants and their friends on the street on multiple occasions, and asked them to lower their voices as they spoke loudly into their phones.

During an ensuing confrontation, one of the migrants reportedly lifted his shirt to reveal a large knife, and the victim brandished a staple gun in self-defense.

The migrants set upon him, repeatedly kicking him as he lay in a defensive position on the ground, Fria Tider reports.

"I got a blow to the face and also felt a blow to the body," the victim said in testimony. "I then received a push or a blow so that I ended up on the ground. Then I lay in the fetal position and protected myself."

"On the ground I was struck with blows to the upper body and head. I was hit at least about twenty times."

A witness told the court she attempted to intercede on the man's behalf, using her vehicle to intimidate the attackers.

"When one of the guys took charge and kicked him in the head, I thought I had to intervene and therefore drove my car towards the guys and honked. Then they ran away from the victim," she said.

The Eritrean defendants, both claiming to be 23-years-old, were sentenced to six months in prison for 'serious assault.'

Because they were previously awarded Swedish citizenship, the attackers will not face deportation.

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