African Migrants Rob, Beat Police at Paris Train Station

A trio of African migrants were arrested after they robbed an undercover police officer and severely beat several more at a train station in Paris last week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 5 p.m. on Thursday in the French capital.

Cops in plainclothes spotted a group of suspicious men at Gare du Nord, one of the busiest rail stations in Europe.

The officers began following the men and observed them attempting to rob multiple commuters using pickpocket techniques.

They continued tailing the suspects, who boarded a train and disembarked at Gare d’Austerlitz in the 13th arrondissement.

“Experienced pickpockets know that they can be followed by the police and do not hesitate to cover their tracks by pretending to get off and then getting back on the subway just before the gates close, or by taking the metro in the other direction," an official explained to Actu 17.

Suddenly, one of the suspects reached back into the train car and yanked an officer onto the platform, possibly unaware he was a cop.

“He asked him if he was okay and ran his other hand behind his back to catch him - a well-known technique called ‘judoka,’ which is used to distract the victim before stripping him,” a police source explained.

During the brief commotion, one of the thieves snatched a cell phone and watch from the officer, who then attempted to apprehend the thief.

A fight broke out when the suspects resisted arrest, and at least two officers were injured before the Africans could be brought under control.

"When questioned, the three arrested claimed to be 17, 22 and 24 years old, and to be of Algerian nationality. They are already known to the police," the source told Actu 17.

Two of the migrants were found to be illegally present in the country.

An investigation and legal proceedings are ongoing.

Infowars regularly documents attacks on public transportation in Western Europe.

A heated debate over violent crime and lawlessness tied to mass migration has been raging in France.

Military leaders have fired off multiple incendiary letters in recent years, warning the Macron government of looming "civil war" if strong measures are not taken to regain control of a society spiraling into chaos.

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