African Migrants Storm Border Fence of Spanish Enclave

A large group migrants tried to penetrate the border defenses of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the African continent, according to reports.

Security forces from Spain and Morocco managed to repel the attempted invasion on Tuesday morning.

"Shortly after midnight, the officers of the Benemérita guard detected the existence of a group of 'about 150' migrants in the vicinity of the border perimeter, specifically in the Moroccan area adjacent to Finca Berrocal," La Voz de Galicia reports.

At approximately 6:00 a.m. roughly 60 migrants moved toward an outer border fence protecting the city.

Some of the migrants successfully exploited a section of barrier that is currently under renovation, but were stopped before they could reach Spanish territory.

"New massive assault - More than 150 immigrants of sub-Saharan origin try to enter Ceuta through the border crossing located in the Finca Berrocal area at 6:30 a.m," Spanish journalist Rubén Pulido reported on social media.

"According to sources from the GC [Civil Guard]: 'none have been able to access.' Third round in 2021."

Spanish Security Forces say the number of migrants gathering around Ceuta's perimeter has increased in recent weeks.

African migrants apply constant pressure to the borders of Spain’s autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta.

Large groups of illegal aliens frequently attempt to storm border fences surrounding the enclaves in hopes of reaching Spanish soil and eventually being moved to the European continent.

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(PHOTO: Antonio Sempere/Europa Press via Getty Images)

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