Migrants Wreak Havoc in Belgium After Party Shut Down

Dozens of African migrants terrorized a neighborhood in Antwerp, Belgium, when the party they were attending was shut down after it had spiraled out of control, according to local media.

Residents in the district of Hoboken were subjected to physical attacks, burglaries, and vandalism as a roving mob reportedly wreaked havoc in the streets for hours.

"It was one long nightmare," a resident told SCEPTR. “Around 2:00 am a party was closed in the Maccabi tennis club. But the partygoers - at least a hundred - did not want to go home yet. They spread throughout the neighborhood and ran amok everywhere."

"Local residents were attacked, and burglaries and vandalism were committed. Even stones were thrown from the streets. A lot of calls were made to the police, but they were slow in answering the calls and with little manpower. The unrest continued until 6:00 am.”

Video footage provided to SCEPTR depicts a chaotic scene in a neighborhood that otherwise appears to be peaceful.

“We received several calls on Saturday night-Sunday morning due to inconvenience in the Hoboken area. This was after a party in the neighborhood, apparently for people of Eritrean origin," Antwerp police spokesman Willem Migom told SCEPTR. "This nuisance went from noise and a ‘bumpy ride,’ to rooftops and vandalism."

However, officials refute accusations of a weak response to the mayhem.

“We came on site with different teams," Migom says. "There were 'different degrees' to be found. Many groups were quiet, on the way home or elsewhere, but others were not. We have tackled five havoc makers administratively."

"There has been some rebellion, which led to administrative arrests, but there was no real fight with agents. A father and son say they were physically attacked, but that still needs to be investigated."

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(PHOTO: Screenshots / SCEPTR)

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