After Clamor For New Restrictions, Modelling Says COVID Cases Set to Plummet in UK

After a week-long campaign of hysterical fearmongering during which the media and public technocrats lobbied for new restrictions, scientific modelling reveals that COVID cases in the UK are actually set to plummet.

Whoops. Narrative fail.

As we highlighted last week, the mass testing of children returning to school and students returning to university caused a spike in UK COVID cases.

The media responded by completely ignoring the fact that around half of the cases were children, the vast majority of whom show no symptoms and don’t need to be hospitalized.

Media outlets like CNBC also outright lied in claiming hospitalizations had risen when in reality they had flatlined.

By creating a climate of alarmism, health technocrats and the press attempted to force the government into re-imposing restrictions like mandatory mask mandates (despite the fact that the UK recorded its previous COVID case high when mask mandates were in place and had been for 10 months previously).

However, it has now been revealed that the government’s own COVID-19 modelling shows virus cases are set to plummet within weeks.

“One model, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, suggests that cases will soon peak before falling steeply in the winter months, even without Plan B,” reports the Telegraph.

“Other unpublished models seen by the Government have also shown similar imminent drops, with experts indicating that cases could fall to around 5,000 cases a day before Christmas.”

The report highlights what we emphasized last week, that the case spike is largely due to kids returning to school.

“Much of the current wave is being driven by high case rates in children,” states the article, adding that this will run out of steam soon due to rising levels of immunity.

No doubt mask freaks and other lockdown fetishists will be devastated when COVID-19 cases do begin to fall over the next few weeks.

As we document in the video below, the same technocrats keep making the same spectacularly wrong predictions in an effort to pressure the government into rolling back basic freedoms.

Why are we still listening to them?


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