Alarm Bells Ringing as Thousands of Migrants Slam Austrian Border State

Thousands of migrants have poured into Austria in recent weeks, prompting authorities to sound the alarm as another migration wave crashes over Europe.

Nearly 600 migrants were apprehended on Saturday alone in Burgenland, an Austrian state which lies on the borders of Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia.

More than 2,400 migrants were taken into custody in Burgenland last week, in addition to 2,029 the week prior, nearly all of whom entered from Hungary, Krone reports.

In contrast, only 549 migrants were caught in the same area during the final seven days of April.

"This is a new peak value, we have never had so many arrests in a single day this year and not since 2015, the year of the great wave of refugees," a spokesperson at a border operations center said this week.

More than 27,800 apprehensions have been recorded in Burgenland so far this year, up from 19,938 in all of 2021.

Migrant traffic in the region is now at the highest levels since the 2015 'refugee' crisis, and police and military at the border are reportedly overwhelmed.

"The processing capacities in Burgenland are currently no longer sufficient, more than 200 asylum applications had to be processed in other federal states over the weekend," Austrian officials warned in internal communications reviewed by Krone.

Authorities expect numbers to continue climbing as migrants swarm the European Union from the east and south.

"Millions of migrants are waiting hundreds of kilometers to the east in camps and hiding places to escape. The preparations for this are in full swing. The rush will come," a local investigator told Krone.

Switzerland is also seeing a major escalation in illegal border crossings, primarily along the Austrian frontier.

Swiss authorities say they arrested 3,468 migrants illegally present in the country in the month of June, nearly triple the number of apprehensions during the same period last year.

Most of the migrants are crossing into the Alpine nation via its eastern border, which lies relatively close to the Balkan Peninsula where roughly half of all illegal penetrations into the E.U. have taken place so far in 2022.

Illegal migration and border pressure are increasing across Europe, as Infowars has previously reported.

In mid-2020, Europol predicted a flood of migration from third world countries heavily affected by global lockdowns and economic deceleration.

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