Housing Shortage for Young Swedes as Migrants Given Priority - Survey

Young Swedes are having an “alarmingly” difficult time finding a home in their country as cities are greatly prioritizing migrants over them, according to a government survey.

All of Sweden’s 290 cities participated in the survey with 130 of them reporting to prioritize new arrivals over any other demographic for housing; only 12 cities preferred young Swedes.

"The figures are, nevertheless, still alarmingly high, and they show a very strained situation for young people in the housing market," writes Boverket, Sweden’s National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

The trend doesn’t bode well for young Swedes as last year’s count for preferential housing treatment was higher.

In addition, the majority of Swedish cities can’t keep up with the housing demand of new arrivals; causing them to operate outside conventional housing practices, as one city reports.

“The housing situation for new arrivals is very difficult,” says one city. “People are exploited in the 'black' market, live in crowded [homes] and many are forced to change housing several times a week, including families with children.”

Perhaps due to this new real estate environment, rental apartment construction is on the rise while traditional home construction is declining.

Focusing on economic opportunity, Boverket plans to solve the housing shortage issue for the projected flow of new arrivals by having units ready for them.

“The housing shortage can lead to the municipalities not being able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by an increased number of new arrivals," said Boverket. "As most of the new arrivals are of working age, this can mean opportunities for growth and development, for example for municipalities with an aging population.

"The lack of housing can lead to these opportunities being lost."

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