Algerian Soccer Fans in Paris & London Riot Again After Victory

Algerian soccer fans in London, Paris, Lyon and other French cities rioted yet again after their team’s victory in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Having already caused chaos last week, Algerians took to the streets once again following their 2-1 win over Nigeria.

In London, fans threw fireworks at police, trashed police cars, scaled buses and blocked traffic.

Meanwhile, nearly 300 people were arrested across France as police and fans clashed in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

A dozen cars were torched in the Guillotiere district of Lyon, with police forced to deploy tear gas to disperse fans who in turn threw bricks and bottles at police.

Another clip from Marseille shows a mother with a baby in a pram fleeing from the scene, where fans threw smoke bombs, projectiles, and firecrackers at police.

“In Paris, fans blocked traffic on the Champs-Elysees. They threw fireworks at officers deployed to the site, and several dustbins were set on fire. Twenty-five people were arrested,” reports RT.

During similar riots last week, a mother and her two daughters were mown down by a vehicle in Montpellier, an incident that left the mother dead and her baby daughter in critical condition.

Algeria will play Senegal in the final. If they win or lose, expect to see similar scenes only worse.

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