Almost 700 Migrants Cross English Channel in One Day

Nearly 700 migrants crossed the English Channel on Monday, setting a new one-day record for 2022, according to reports.

The stunning influx comes amid another historic year for illegal migration in the busy waterway separating France and England.

More than 17,000 migrants have made the passage so far in 2022, often with the assistance of U.K. border authorities who operate a de facto ferry service for 'asylum seekers.'

Hundreds more foreigners hailing mostly from the Third World reached British shores yesterday, with just one vessel stopped by French authorities.

"Some 696 made the journey in 14 boats on Monday," The Independent reports, citing the Ministry of Defence.

"The latest crossings saw large groups of people, including young children, brought ashore in Ramsgate before leaving the Kent port on double-decker buses."

Another boat carrying 35 migrants was reportedly intercepted in French waters.

"Almost unnoticed in the Tory leadership debate is that another 700 migrants crossed the channel yesterday. Neither candidate has the answer," wrote Brexit architect and commentator Nigel Farage.

More than 28,000 migrants reached England by boat in 2021, up from around 8,400 in 2020.

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration across the English Channel in recent years, as well as the havoc wreaked by illegal aliens after they are placed in asylum centers or hotels across Britain.

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