Amsterdam Officials Call For Dumping Overflow Migrants on Neighboring Cities

Amsterdam is reportedly facing a severe shortage of housing for 'asylum seekers,' prompting some city officials to call for offloading migrants onto neighboring municipalities.

At least 668 migrants are slated to receive government homes in the Dutch city during the next six months, up from 316 during the second half of 2020.

With asylum housing apparently stretched to capacity, officials from the globalist-leftist D66 party say migrants should be placed in nearby towns and cities, AT5 reports.

"If it is not possible here, we will have to talk to neighboring municipalities about using our available budgets there," said D66 councilor Alexander Hammelburg.

Hammelburg says officials should continue seeking options locally, "But if housing can be arranged just outside the city for lack of space, then Amsterdam must contribute financially."

Other city officials have either pushed back on the idea or proposed other radical solutions.

"Interfering with the solidarity of neighboring municipalities is therefore not a solution as far as I am concerned. Then you really just move the problem," councilor Tom Leenders.

A spokesperson for housing alderman Laurens Ivens floated the idea of students living together with migrants.

"Think of special forms of housing in which students and status holders live together. That is also good for integration," the spokesperson said.

Dutch journalist Michael Van Der Galien blasted hypocritical city officials for apparently welcoming illegal migrants to the city and investing significant resources in accommodating them, while seeking to pass the burdens posed by approved asylum seekers on to other taxpayers.

"Amsterdam is the city that spends tons of money on pampering illegal immigrants, giving them a nice house, a washing machine, and more such nice gifts ... but in the end it is the neighboring municipalities that then have to give the 'newcomers' a home because in Amsterdam itself - wait for it - there are no homes available," Van Der Galien wrote in a piece at Da Dagelijkse Standaard.

"The most progressive city in the Netherlands, which hates its own history nowadays, is actually planning to colonize neighboring municipalities."

As Infowars Europe recently reported, the French department of Puy-de-Dôme is facing a similar overflow of migrants.

Officials there are now asking local residents to welcome 'unaccompanied foreign minors' into their homes.

Biden voter remorse is already building just days into new administration.

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