Migrant Crisis: Hundreds More Land on Greek Islands

Migrants are flooding the Greek islands again, with another 427 arriving in a single day, according to reports.

Thousands of migrants and human traffickers have been setting sail from Turkey this summer, often bound for Greece.

“Within a 24-hour period, 427 migrants reached the islands of Rhodes, Lesbos and Samos in the east of the Aegean Sea this morning, the Greek coast guard has announced,” HLN reports.

“The reception camps are overcrowded. There is room for around 6,300 refugees, but there are already more than 20,000. A further 4,000 people are housed in smaller camps and homes.”

The latest wave of migrants comes as hundreds now arrive on any given day, including over 600 who landed on the island of Lesbos in a matter of hours in late August.

The surge has many concerned that a new migration catastrophe to rival or exceed the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’ may be brewing.

“European countries gear up for what they expect to be a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis after Greece has reported a surge in arrivals over the past several weeks and the United Kingdom claimed that more people are attempting to cross its borders over fears that a no-deal Brexit would cut their chances to get to the British Isles,” Sputnik reports.

“In 2019 alone, an approximate 34,000 people have arrived in Greece, the highest number since 2016. Amid the surge of arrivals and limited reception facilities, the Greek authorities struggle to accommodate all the newcomers and continue to keep them stranded on the islands in the Aegean Sea.”

Greece's foreign minister recently summoned the Turkish ambassador to "express Greece's deep discontent" about the growing waves of migrants coming from Turkey.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has been threatening to "open the gates,” saying he could potentially unleash a torrent of some 5.5 million migrants into Europe.

Dan Lyman joins The Alex Jones Show to shed light on the growing immigration crisis in Europe.


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