ANOTHER Miss France Attacked in Paris

Another woman formerly crowned Miss France says she was recently attacked in the streets of Paris, according to reports.

Delphine Wespiser is the second Miss France winner to report an assault in the capital city in less than a month.

Wespiser, a model, TV presenter, and politician, was voted the most beautiful woman in France in 2012.

In a post on her Instagram page that has since expired, Wespiser said she was violently robbed last week in Paris, blasting rampant lawlessness in her homeland, Télé Loisirs reports.

"I've just been mugged in the street. In a sleight of hand, my watch has disappeared," Wespiser wrote.

"Fed up with this country! What are the police doing? We searched an hour to find my attacker and we have not seen a single police patrol during all this time."

Wespiser described the attack during an appearance on French television program Touche Pas à Mon Poste.

In a follow-up post, Wespiser shared commentary from a follower who asserted police have been rendered ineffective by a soft justice system.

"Unfortunately the police are no longer useful," the person wrote. "If she had succeeded in catching the thief, this one would have been free as air within 2 days thanks to the fantastic French justice which is too lax / inefficient."

"I deplore this and I am really sorry for you but the police are just as much victims of the French judicial system because it has sapped their power ... and their actions are no longer as valued."

In late September, Vaimalama Chaves, a contestant on Dancing With the Stars who was crowned Miss France in 2019, shared a similar tale of assault in Paris with little police assistance.

Chaves said she was surrounded by a large group of 'young guys' who threw rocks at her and tried to steal her phone in broad daylight.

“To start with, they threw rocks at me, ‘as a joke,’” Chaves wrote. “When I confronted the one who I saw did it, they gathered around me. About fifteen young guys who have no values.”

“I tried to film to show the police, who are still not there an hour later. I was told on the phone, 'It’s okay, you only got rocks.' No sir, I didn’t get 'only' rocks. They tried to steal my phone and they had fun throwing more at me when I left."

Infowars frequently documents attacks and robberies in Paris, many of which are perpetrated by suspects of Middle Eastern or African descent.

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