Another Wild Weekend of Migrants Crossing English Channel

Hundreds of migrants reached the United Kingdom during another wild weekend on the English Channel, according to reports.

Saturday may have been a record-setting day of illegal traffic between France and the U.K. with some reports indicating at least 700 migrants made the crossing, both with and without help from border authorities.

"Sources on the ground reporting daily on Britain’s migrant crisis estimate that today could be yet another record number of arrivals, with hundreds of undocumented migrants landing on Britain’s shores," The Foxhole reported on Saturday, later updating the weekend totals to "more than 800."

Brexit architect Nigel Farage offered a similar assessment about Saturday's figures.

"Looks like another record day in Channel. This is completely out of control. These numbers will just keep rising," Farage wrote alongside footage of a dinghy full of migrants reaching a British shore.

Interestingly, the U.K. Home Office failed to release data about Saturday's Channel activity as of Monday morning.

Additionally, French authorities reportedly warned their British counterparts that migrants may have been smuggling weapons across the Channel, presenting significant security complications.

"The Kent coastguard helicopter stayed two miles away from migrants’ boats as a safety precaution several times during the day," the Daily Mail reported.

"Lifeboats along the South Coast were also ordered to stay a distance from inflatables they were trying to rescue."

U.K. border authorities and rescue teams say they observed suspicious behavior aboard multiple migrant vessels.

"They are very reluctant to look at us. It’s all heads down in the boat. There’s something funny about this one," a lifeboat crewman was overheard telling the coast guard via maritime radio.

More than 20,000 migrants will reach the U.K. via the Channel this year at the current rate - a figure that could potentially be far-exceeded as massive numbers of migrants have been congregating in northwestern France in hopes making the journey.

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration across the English Channel in recent years.

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