Antifa Attacks Right-Wing Political Rally in Madrid

A campaign rally held by the nationalist-populist VOX party in Madrid came under siege from Antifa militants who hurled projectiles and attacked police on Wednesday.

The right-wing faction, led by Santiago Abascal, has risen to national prominence on a platform opposing mass migration and socialist-globalists currently in power under Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

On Wednesday, VOX officials and supporters gathered in Vallecas, a notoriously left-wing barrio of Madrid, to campaign ahead of key local elections in May.

Shortly after the rally began, violent leftists began throwing stones and other objects at the stage while Abascal was speaking.

Multiple attendees were seriously injured by thrown objects and some officers were badly beaten.

"Sánchez and Iglesias, in the Bolivarian style, have wanted to prevent us from speaking in Vallecas where thousands of neighbors vote for us," Abascal wrote on social media after the event. "We have spoken, and we will do so throughout Madrid and throughout Spain."

"Marlasca must answer before a judge: he is guilty of the injuries that his brigadistas have caused."

In one video, a man identified by local media as actor Vicente Gil can be seen waving his middle finger while chanting Antifa slogans before he brutally attacks a man filming the scene with a cell phone.

A total of 14 people were injured at the event, according to local media.

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