Antifa Blocks Austrian Airport Road to Prevent Deportation of Afghan Migrants

Antifa operatives attempted to prevent the deportation of dozens of Afghan nationals from Austria by blocking a motorway leading to the Vienna airport, according to reports.

A group of around 45 migrants was scheduled to be deported from Austria to Afghanistan via charter flight on Tuesday, Junge Freiheit reports.

Radical militants managed to shut down traffic in both directions on a road near Vienna International Airport until they were cleared by police.

While some of the extremists stood in the road holding signs, others suspended banners and their bodies from an overpass.

"Protest against deportations to Afghanistan on the access roads to Vienna Airport! A few dozen human rights activists are blocking Hainburger Strasse, and two people have roped down on a bridge over the A4," local journalist Michael Bonvalot reported.

After authorities cleared the blockade, open borders activists descended on central Vienna to continue protesting deportations of illegal aliens.

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