Armed Clan Turns German Club Into Warzone

A group of 18 men stormed the front of a German club with guns and batons, wounding staff members and seriously injuring one.

The “ruthless” mob showed up shortly after bouncers denied entry to a smaller group, according to local media.

"[They] acted with frightening ruthlessness and aggressiveness,” said an employee.

The siege took place early Sunday morning just before 3am; security footage shows at least two of the assailants opening fire.

Additionally, the bouncers were clear that the only reason they turned the original group away was because they were too drunk and had poor "etiquette."

“They were heavily intoxicated and did not adhere to the etiquette of the 'Mondo Club' even after several warnings from our team they ignored the house rules,” said a staff member. “The [group] threw wild insults and threatened our staff."

The languages spoken by the assailants rose concern that the group belonged to an Iraqi family clan, speculated a German media site.

Correspondingly, earlier last month, another German club was met with brutal violence by another foreign clan that resulted in a female police officer being rushed to the hospital.

Violence against law enforcement has become so frequent that the German police have made public statements blasting the assault on local values and laws by people who disregard them.

"These people do not want to stick to our values and legal system," said a police spokesperson. "We must not accept that - as a whole society!”

Recently throughout Europe, officials have warned that parallel or “shadow" societies are on the rise among migrants and foreign nationals who refuse to assimilate.

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