Gangs Wielding Knives, Hammers Attack Students in French Schools

Multiple students were injured at two schools in France after gangs of armed 'young people' stormed the premises and attacked pupils, according to reports.

One student was stabbed in the neck and another badly beaten during back-to-back rampages on Monday.

Authorities believe the incidents may have been linked as they occurred just hours apart in neighboring towns.

At around noon, a group of five youths armed with knives and hammers burst into a high school in Bordeaux.

“They were probably looking for another student and threatened the school staff who came to stop them. Not finding their victim, they violently attacked one of his friends who was badly beaten,” Actu17 reports.

The assailants had disappeared by the time police arrived.

The victim received emergency medical attention but reportedly refused to speak to officers.

Hours later, in nearby Eysines, a group of approximately 10 'young people' wearing masks and carrying blades stormed another high school and a student was stabbed in the neck during ensuing violence.

The assailants had again fled by the police responded to the scene.

The victim was treated at hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

"The two attacks have a very similar modus operandi. They happened a few hours apart and are worrying," Actu17 reports.

Investigations are ongoing to determine if the events are linked, and authorities are looking for suspects.

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