Assyrian Christians Warn of "Civil War" in Sweden

A prominent organization representing Assyrian Christians in Sweden has warned that "civil war" is looming, citing increasing threats from Islamists vowing to continue their persecution of the endangered group in Scandinavia.

The Syriac Federation of Sweden (SFS), which describes itself as "the umbrella organization for 30 Aramaic (Syriac) associations and is thus one of the largest organizations in Sweden," recently advised members that a local association has been receiving death threats from Arabic-speaking callers.

However, when officials reported the calls to police, they were told the threats were not illegal and no investigation would be opened.

"The police simply refuse to understand the situation and the seriousness," SFS wrote on Facebook. "They do not even want to endeavor to find out who the person could be behind the conversations."

An SFS coordinator told Samhällsnytt that the organization and its affiliates are accustomed to harassment, but the latest threats are particularly troubling and increased safety measures are being taken, including installing more surveillance cameras and hiring private security guards.

"At one point they said they will do the same with us in Sweden as they did in the Middle East," the coordinator said.

"It is the genocide that has been carried out in the Middle East against Christians," he explained. "We fled from these groups to Sweden, but they have caught up with us here."

When asked to forecast conditions in a few years if authorities continue to ignore the budding crisis, he replied, "We expect some f**king civil war between different groups if someone does not put their foot down. The people who committed terrible acts in the Middle East, they are here now... and no one seems to care."

Assyrian organizations estimate their population in Sweden to be as high as 120,000, most of whom fled persecution in their homeland, located in present-day Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

A Syrian Orthodox church was recently the target of a bombing in Södertälje, which is considered the unofficial Assyrian capital of Europe.

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