Athens Police Raid Migrant Camps

Greek police have launched raids of squatter camps known to shelter illegal migrants and anarchists in Athens, according to reports.

Over 100 migrants were arrested during the dawn operation as authorities began clearing sites in the Exarcheia district of the nation's capital.

"The police sweeps, which began last week, are being undertaken with an aim to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration as well as squatting in vacant buildings," according to Greek Reporter.

"More than 100 migrants with no valid residence documents were taken into custody as a result of Monday’s operation. Special police units are also sweeping the apartments and buildings used as squats for drugs and weapons."

At least 23 buildings in downtown Athens are being occupied by migrants and radical anarchist groups.

"The operations will continue with the same or greater intensity, until the drug mafias operating in the area have been dismantled," a local official said.

In response, anarchists say "answers are being prepared, as well as several major event mobilizers. Autumn will be hot in Athens."

Athens' new mayor, Kostas Bakoyannis, has vowed to make security a top concern for his administration and asserted that prior leftist regimes allowed the city to fall into decay.

"Security is not an ideological issue," Bakoyannis recently told Kathimerini. "It is the cornerstone of a democratic society and the freedom of its citizens."

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