AUSTRIA: Afghan Migrant Arrested After Knife Attack On Train

An 18-year-old Afghan ‘asylum seeker’ was arrested after a stabbing spree on a train in Austria that left multiple passengers wounded, according to reports.

The incident unfolded late at night in Feldkirch, a city in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, when the suspect was observed acting suspiciously at a train station, running back-and-forth across the tracks, witnesses say.

Upon boarding a train, the Afghan suspect immediately attacked a 27-year-old man “for no apparent reason,” before stabbing a 44-year-old victim in the back.

Four passengers were eventually able to subdue the knifeman at the train platform and held him until police arrived.

Police say the suspect was intoxicated at the time, and he is now being held in prison in Feldkirch, where he awaits trial.

Multiple passengers required medical attention after the attack.

The Afghan has lived in Austria for two years, according to local media.

“Foreign violent criminals who seek protection and asylum with us, but then carry out knife stabbing on fellow human beings and injure them, must be taken out of the asylum loop quickly," said Vorarlberg Security Councilor Christian Gantner. “Whoever seeks protection and asylum in Vorarlberg and Austria, must know that they have to abide by the local legal system.”

“Above all, violence must not be tolerated in any form, and those who do want to see it have no place here.”

(PHOTO: Asurnipal / Wikimedia Commons)

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