Austria: Migrants Arrested in Rape of Teen Girl at Facility for Ukraine Refugees

Austrian police arrested three teen migrants from Afghanistan and Iran for allegedly raping a young girl at a building housing Ukrainian refugees this week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded on Wednesday evening in Linz, capital of the state of Upper Austria.

Officers on patrol heard a scream and loud voices coming from a stairwell behind a post office distribution center which is currently being used to shelter refugees from Ukraine, Austria Press Agency reports.

They opened an emergency exit door and discovered four males attacking a 16-year-old girl.

Three of the suspects were arrested shortly after fleeing the scene while the fourth managed to escape.

The apprehended suspects were identified as two 15-year-olds from Afghanistan and a 14-year-old from Iran, according to Der Standard.

Authorities have not indicated if the victim was a resident of the asylum center or if she had any connection to her alleged attackers.

She received medical treatment and an investigation is ongoing.

"I am aware that we cannot currently deport young people to Afghanistan for legal reasons, but I am not willing to keep these perpetrators here or to feed them through here at the taxpayer's expense," said Deputy Governor Manfred Haimbuchner, adding that underage criminal migrants should be kept "under international supervision in Brussels or elsewhere."

Haimbuchner also asserted the government should "draw a clear dividing line with the sword of the rule of law" between Ukrainian war refugees and migrants who travel to Europe for other reasons.

Across Europe, female refugees from Ukraine are being terrorized by male migrants from the Middle East and Africa, as Infowars has reported.

An 18-year-old Ukrainian woman who was staying in refugee accommodations in Germany was reportedly raped by two migrants from Iraq and Nigeria earlier this month.

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