Austria Pulls Support From EU Army

Austria will not participate in the creation of an EU army, according to Defense Minister Mario Kunasek.

If the EU decides to raise a traditional army - what Kunasek refers to as "common" army - Austria will not “play” along, he told local media Wednesday.

“[Europe needs a] security and defense policy worthy of the name, but that is not comparable to an EU army,” said Kunasek. “A common army means ‘a command, a uniform, a leadership.’”

"It will not play, Austria will not be there.”

Europe’s leaders should instead increase cooperation and honor policies already in place, adds Kunasek.

"We also need a bit of emancipation from other alliances, what we do not need is a large, closed formation of an army, but more cooperation.”

To avoid redundancies, Kunasek believes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be utilized.

"Many EU countries are NATO members, it would be illogical to build duplication, there will be strong cooperation with NATO in the future, but if we are serious about the EU, we need to think about a common defense, serious and emancipated.”

Austria's stance comes after French President Emmanuel Macron strongly pushed for a "real European army" to allegedly defend the continent against Russia.

Correspondingly, Infowars Europe has reported on EU President Jean-Claude Juncker calling to increase the ranks of the EU army by calling it a "border force."

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