Austrian Chancellor Calls For EU Border Patrols In Africa

Austria’s chancellor has proposed that EU border patrols should be extended into Africa to preempt migrants attempting to reach Europe.

Sebastian Kurz, regarded as a staunch opponent of current EU immigration policies, says arrangements should be made with North African governments to execute border control procedures to stem the unending tide of illegal immigration.

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, should operate with a “a clear political mandate... to act in third countries, with the permission of their governments, to end the dirty business model of human traffickers and to prevent smuggler boats from even setting out on the dangerous journey over the Mediterranean,” Kurz said in an interview with German newspaper Welt.

The objective would be to “stop illegal migrants on the external borders, tend to them, and then ideally send them immediately back to their home country or transit country.”

The European Commission plans to increase Frontex border forces by 10,000 over the next 10 years, but Kurz argues this “has to happen much faster.”

“In the EU, there are always morally superior people who think they have to educate the others,” he said, regarding disputes within the bloc over ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas. “I’m very worried about that.”

Spanish authorities rescued over 500 migrants in 15 boats attempting to cross the Mediterranean this past weekend, bringing the total to over 7,000 in 2018 along that route alone, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Austria’s ruling coalition has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration and a host of related issues that have arisen as a result of years of inflow from Africa and the Middle East.

A government study released in early January revealed that foreigners were responsible for 40% of crimes committed in 2016 in Austria and that the number of foreign suspects had risen 13% in one year.

Chancellor Kurz recently announced the implementation of new policies banning the hijab in Austrian schools to combat non-assimilation, and measures to increase deportations of criminal illegals are also being put into effect.

Austria will assume the Presidency of the European Council in July, and Chancellor Kurz will host a summit for European leaders on migration and security starting September 20.

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