'We Defend Europe's Borders' - Austrian Commandos Square Off With Turkish Police

Austrian commandos were reportedly confronted by Turkish police along the Greek border as European forces continue to guard the continent against an aggressive migrant invasion.

A team from Austria's elite special forces unit "Cobra" has been patrolling Greece's eastern frontier in an armored vehicle as part of an agreement between Vienna and Athens amid the ongoing border crisis initiated by Turkish President Erdogan, according to Proto Thema.

“What are you doing here, since it is not your country?” Turkish police reportedly asked the Austrians during a face-to-face confrontation at the border fence.

“Here is our country and we are defending the European border,” Cobra commanders responded.

Roughly 300-500 migrants attempted to storm the border Tuesday night with the aid of Turkish police who flooded the zone with tear gas and other chemicals, according to reports.

“Hundreds of foreigners, standing one breath away from the fence, are apparently waiting for instructions from the Turkish authorities for their next move,” Proto Thema reported on Tuesday afternoon with accompanying photos.

“The nightly episode began at about 2:30 pm and lasted until 4 am Wednesday morning near the Kastanies border checkpoint and part of the fence preventing illegal immigrants from entering a radius of about 150 meters. It is estimated that about 300 to 500 migrants attempted to cross into Greek territory under cover of Turkish police officers who discharged chemicals and smoke around Greek police.”

Border patrols in Greece have prevented more than 53,000 attempted illegal entries since Turkey 'opened the floodgates' in the last days of February.

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