'Authoritarianism Surrounds Us' - Macron Panicked Over Populist Surge In Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron is emerging as a leading globalist by championing war in Syria, promoting the importation of 200 million Africans into Europe, and denouncing the surge of nationalist populism that he has unironically labeled 'authoritarianism.'

During a speech at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, Macron decried the growing movement of angry, disillusioned Europeans that threatens to upend the nearly-achieved goals of the New World Order, relying on double-speak and thinly-veiled threats as he unleashed a 'charm offensive' aimed directly at his audience of internationalists and power-hungry elites.

"The illusion of strong power, nationalism, and the abandonment of freedoms has precipitated our continent towards the abyss," Macron said - a clear reference to recent elections in Hungary, Austria, and Italy that have greatly irked Brussels and the George Soros mafia. "Faced with the authoritarianism that surrounds us everywhere, the answer is not authoritarian democracy but the authority of democracy."

"I hope that in the next few months we will be able to overcome the divisions between the North and the South, the East of the West, the big or the small, the retreat to national selfishness."

Macron recently espoused the idea that 150-200 million Africans will inevitably migrate to Europe over the next 30 years, and in his address he called for measures to be taken to prepare for their arrival.

"On this subject, you have done a lot and I want to salute you, but by the end of the legislature, in the spring of 2019, we must achieve tangible results on a number of fronts," he said. "Migration, by unblocking the poisonous debate over the Dublin Regulation and relocations, but also by going beyond this debate, building the external and internal solidarity that our Europe needs. I propose to create a European program that directly supports, financially, the local authorities that host and integrate refugees."

"We need a sovereignty stronger than ours, complementary and not substituting, which alone will allow the face of major migrations, global insecurity, economic, social and environmental transformations to bring the right answers. That's the European sovereignty I believe in."

He even offered a wink to Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected President of the European Commission, who praised Macron, saying, "I want to express my emotion and friendship, when I hear the French president expressing himself in the way that he has. The real France is back."

Despite Macron's grandiose plans and wildly inflated ego, his popularity is tanking less than a year into his presidency, with nearly 60% of French 'unhappy' with his leadership, according to a new poll.

President Macron will visit the White House next week to discuss a variety of international issues with President Donald Trump.

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