Baby Injured as 'Masked Thugs' With Machetes Storm UK Family Gathering

A two-year-old baby was hospitalized after 'masked thugs' armed with machetes and other weapons stormed a christening in the UK and stabbed the man holding him, according to reports.

The 24-year-old victim is fighting for his life after suffering multiple wounds when a gang of men wearing balaclavas and branding machetes, crowbars, and bats leaped from a vehicle in front of a pub in West Midlands, England, and attacked a man at the family gathering, police say.

The man was reportedly holding a small child in his arms, but dropped him after being stabbed.

“Shockingly, a two-year-old boy was also taken to hospital with minor injuries he suffered during the attack,” the Daily Mail reports. “Witnesses say the boy had been attending a christening with his family when he was caught up in the assault."

"One said that the man was holding the boy when he was attacked and tried to shield him from the gang.”

The baby is not believed to have been struck by any weapons, but was wounded during the melee.

"Some lad ran up to me and said a man was using a machete," said one witness. "It's usually quiet round here. It was a bit out of the blue. You wouldn't expect it."

"No one was kicking off or anything, which was weird. It was eerily quiet in the aftermath. When I heard someone had a machete I quickly went indoors."

Witnesses say many children had been in attendance at the event but no other injuries were reported.

Police are still investigating and searching for suspects.

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