Back-to-Back Explosions in Sweden

Malmö, Sweden, was rocked by multiple blasts overnight, according to local media.

A "heavy explosion" in central Malmö leveled the entrance to a nightclub and the surrounding area, and even blew out the windows of nearby buildings, police say.

"There is a reason to suspect that they have used something more powerful than fireworks," police press officer Patric Fors told SVT Nyheter. "The extent of the damage gives little insight into what may have been used."

The nightclub was closed at the time of the detonation, and no injuries were reported.

"A bomb technician is on the way to the site to ensure that there is no dangerous material left there that can explode," said an SVT reporter on the scene.

Mere hours earlier, police were called to the scene of another blast at a residence in Malmö.

The entrance to a multi-family home was destroyed in what police believe was a fireworks-related detonation.

"That explosion, on the other hand, is classified as a vandalism," SVT Nyheter reports.

Multi-explosion nights have become a frequent occurrence in Sweden's 'multicultural paradise.'

International logistics giant UPS recently suspended all home deliveries in the Malmö district of Rosengård, citing attacks on drivers.

Malmö has seen a surge in crime in recent years, ranging from grenade and firebombing attacks, to rape and gang violence -- a reality even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge.

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