BBC Continues to Insist Employees Wear ‘Social Distancing Tags’ Despite Complaints

The BBC is continuing to insist its employees wear electronic social distancing tags that emit a loud beep whenever they get within two meters of another person despite numerous safety, privacy and noise complaints.

The proximity sensors were introduced in January to “help maintain safe social distancing” but employees say they have become nothing but an annoying nuisance.

One of the tags had to be retired from use after it started smoking, with an employee telling the Guardian, “If they can’t handle daily use and start setting on fire or overheating, then they shouldn’t be here.”

Another employee said the beeping sensors were a nightmare in a working environment where absolute silence is often required.

“They get in the way of making TV…they’re so noisy, so no one used them,” said the staffer.

However, the BBC has insisted that it will continue to force employees to wear the degrading devices.

“We are surprised that a problem with a single electronic device is a news story, especially as the devices are being used where social distancing is challenging and they are about safety,” said a spokesperson.

As Tom Parker notes, “The BBC employees’ experience with these social distancing proximity sensors is the latest of many adverse and unexpected consequences of COVID tech being deployed.”

“Not only does tech based on tracking people’s movements force them to give up their freedom of movement but in many cases, the contact tracing and vaccine passport apps that are being deployed also have privacy and accuracy issues.”

We previously reported on the fact that both the UK and Australian governments have considered forcing people to wear electronic ankle bracelets like prisoners to ensure they are complying with home quarantine orders.

Perhaps a safer method would be for the BBC to make its employees wear cow bells instead.

They will ensure people are aware of the location of others, won’t explode and will allow employees to full embrace the cattle experience.


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