Belgian Police Arrest Dozens of Migrants During Railway Sting

Police in Belgium apprehended dozens of illegal aliens in an operation targeting train routes known to be popular with migrants aspiring to hop trucks bound for France and the U.K., according to reports.

A total of 41 migrants were arrested either aboard trains or at stations near major highways.

“Our police zone has to deal with transmigrants who travel from Brussels via the railway connections to Beervelde station on a daily basis and then reach the nearby motorway parking along the E17 in Beervelde / Kalken,” regional police chief Koen Van Poucke said in a statement.

“In this parking lot they search for a truck that they suspect will go to England. The police college and the police council have already repeatedly asked higher authorities to try to control this with an integrated approach.”

Separate groups of five and 27 illegal migrants were caught on a train bound for Beervelde, while another nine were apprehended at a station in Kwatrecht en route to a highway truck stop.

“Illegal migrants often come via Antwerp and take a train to Ghent. They often stop in, for example, Drongen or Lochristi,” a spokesman for logistics publication Transport Effect recently explained to SCEPTR. “Then they sometimes set out in groups of up to 30 people looking for a way to France or another way to get to England.”

“In summer, they sleep on the fields, but when the weather is bad, they just break into farms and stables to take shelter. That is why trucks in car parks are still under attack and there is a risk while staying there.”

Infowars Europe regularly reports on the dangers truck drivers face in Western Europe from migrants who resort to all manners of violence during attempts to illegally climb aboard or hijack delivery vehicles.

One driver recently parked along a highway near Walshoutem, Belgium, awoke to find a group of African migrants armed with spears, machetes, and rods working to force entry into his trailer.

When he stepped outside to investigate, a dozen assailants set upon him with their weapons, forcing him to flee back into the cab of his truck while they battered his windows.

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