Belgian School Dismisses Teacher in Favor of Immigrant Replacement - Report

A teacher at a primary school in Genk, Belgium, claims she is being released as the school seeks to fill her position with an "immigrant" candidate instead, according to local media.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, Miss F.T. told SCEPTR it has been stated that the school is seeking a teacher of Turkish origin to replace her, as the student body is comprised almost exclusively of Turkish or Moroccan children.

“I teach in an OKAN class, these are Dutch language lessons for children who have just arrived in Belgium,” F.T. said. “However, the students at our school are mostly Turkish.”

“And now they want to hire a Turkish teacher so that they can also speak the Turkish language and lean towards the culture.”

School officials have reportedly denied ethnicity playing any role in F.T.'s dismissal, which would violate Belgian law, instead citing low student enrollment and a lack of available hours.

"Yesterday I consulted with a part of the teacher group. Given our student numbers, I no longer had any offer for them,” said director Hüda Topaloğlu, himself of Turkish origin. “Those statements are certainly not the reason. What happened is a very normal course of events. There are not enough hours."

F.T. contradicts this explanation, saying the motive has been explicitly expressed, also providing supporting statements made by other school teachers in a private social media group who say they have been hired specifically on the basis of ethnicity.

"It is literally said that they want an immigrant," F.T. insists. “That message has been circulated and today the director himself came to apologize."

"There are also teachers who claim to have been hired a few years ago based on their origins.”

The school was profiled by HLN at time of its opening in 2014. First year enrollment was nearly 100 students, all of whom were of Turkish or Moroccan origin.

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