Belgium: Asylum Applications Surge as Deportations Plummet

Belgium's immigration system is embroiled in a perfect storm as the number of 'asylum seekers' entering the country continues to skyrocket while deportations of illegal migrants are in "freefall," according to local media.

Some 27,742 migrants filed asylum applications in Belgium during 2019, representing an 18 percent jump from 2018 and more than a 40 percent increase since 2017.

Concurrently, a mere 8,620 illegal migrants were deported from the country in 2019, the fewest since 2010.

"The number of asylum applications is increasing again, but fewer people are being recognized as refugees," HLN reports. "This means that the group of Sans-Papiers [without papers] who are not allowed to stay in our country, is growing again in recent years. Nevertheless, the return figures of the federal government have been in freefall for the past two years."

Fedasil, Belgium's federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers, claims 'voluntary deportations' are occurring less frequently, while removal of rejected applicants from asylum centers is also becoming more difficult.

"According to Fedasil, which is responsible for the organization of voluntary returns, a longer stay in the reception centers plays a disastrous role," SCEPTR reports. "In addition, it has also become very difficult to send people back from certain countries because those countries are obstructing or have become more unsafe."

Many migrants are reportedly arriving from Palestine and Iraq, both of which present challenges for deportation proceedings.

"Asylum and immigration policy is a joke and return policy a disaster," Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang wrote about the situation. "The crisis is dragging on and firm solutions that will really work are being ignored. The government has lost control. Real change is only possible with our party!"

Belgian authorities are resorting to drastic measures to cater to an increasing number of migrants, including moving hundreds to an air force base and resurrecting a pontoon-based asylum center which floats in a central waterway in Ghent.

Meanwhile, migrants continue to wreak havoc across the country, as Infowars Europe has regularly documented.

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