Belgium: Boy Thrown Down Stairs During Brutal Beating by 'Foreign' Suspect

Police in Belgium have arrested a male suspect of "foreign origin" after a young boy was thrown down stairs and viciously beaten in viral video that surfaced on social media, according to reports.

Authorities say they apprehended a 16-year-old who they believe to the be aggressor in a shocking attack that reportedly unfolded at a train station on Friday in Kortrijk, a city in the province of West Flanders.

“The 28-second video shows a teenage boy on the phone in a staircase at the back of the station in Kortrijk,” Het Nieuwsblad reports. “An obese boy, of foreign origin and in training from Olympique Marseille, steps up to him and throws him down the stairs.

“He first kicks him in the back, then a blow to the head and finally another kick to the head. Then he walks away, the boy stays on the stairs.”

Footage of the incident was reportedly circulated by Wouter Vermeersch, an official in the nationalist-populist Vlaams Belang party.

The video was also shared by prominent Vlaams Belang MP Dries Van Langenhove.

"Just another case of anti-Flemish violence. This is a form of structural terrorism against our people," Van Langenhove tweeted on Tuesday. "Send your kids to a martial arts club or they'll be a bird to the cat. Our youth must become resilient and defend themselves because the government will not do it for us."

"Images of the station area in Kortrijk, last Friday. But that doesn't really matter. Whether it happened 2 years ago or today, whether it took place in Manchester, Frankfurt or Roeselare, the problem and the solution are the same everywhere."

Multiple attacks by foreigners upon young Flemish victims have raised local ire.

"It is the second film of senseless violence in two weeks that has caused a stir. A video circulated of a 15-year-old boy who was attacked by five youngsters in Puurs," Het Nieuwsblad reports.

In September, a 16-year-old boy was beaten unconscious by a migrant gang demanding he give them cigarettes at a park in Sint-Niklaas.

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