Belgium Fining Travelers Who Skip Post-Arrival COVID Tests

Travelers who fail to take multiple COVID tests after arriving in Belgium will now face hefty fines, the government has announced.

Virtually anyone entering the country from a 'high-risk area' is ordered to quarantine and take tests on the first and seventh day after their arrival in order to be allowed back into society.

Those who fail or refuse to comply with the testing protocols can be fined 250 euros ($300), HLN reports.

“Often, travelers bring the virus back with them. Anyone coming from a red zone is obliged to be tested,” said Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne. “You can see in the database whether someone had to get tested, and whether they did or did not.”

“We automatically receive lists, and on the basis of these lists, we will issue fines. It's a bit like traffic fines - if you drive too fast, you get a fine.”

Passenger Locator Forms must be filled out by travelers entering Belgium, which can then be used to track down 'violators' and automatically issue fines.

Officials believe approximately 40 percent of travelers have been skipping the tests.

"It is in everyone's interest and in the interest of public health that government-imposed corona measures are strictly enforced. Some individual initiatives pose increased risks to all of us," says Johan Delmulle, president of the Board of Attorneys General.

"It is therefore only natural that appropriate measures are counterbalanced to protect human health, the public interest and those who do scrupulously abide by the rules."

Governments across Europe continue to expand their emergency medical powers under the guise of battling the coronavirus crisis.

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