Belgium MP Unloads on Top Officials For Allying With Turkey

A Flemish MP raised a Greek flag during a fiery speech at Belgium’s parliament in which he blasted top officials for allowing Turkey to ‘blackmail’ Europe with threats to unleash millions of migrants onto the continent.

MP Dries van Langenhove, who serves as the youngest member of parliament, targeted Belgium’s current and former prime ministers in a rousing address he punctuated by hoisting a Greek flag in a show of solidarity.

Greece is currently holding back a massive migrant invasion launched by Turkish President Erdogan.

“Prime Minister, if I told you that I would have given the keys of my house to a burglar and that I would now pay him not to break into my house, you might have declared me crazy,” van Langenhove said. “Well, this is exactly what CD&V, VLD and also the N-VA [Belgian political parties] did in 2016 when you signed a blackmail deal with Erdogan. You gave him the keys to our European borders and then paid him many billions of euros, not to make an abuse of these keys.”

“But Erdogan, of course, is a whole lot smarter than you ‘establishment politicians' are. The Turks have a leader who - unlike you - know what ‘Realpolitik’ is. Erdogan knew from the beginning that he could very easily blackmail Europe with this deal.”

Van Langenhove touted his own party, the nationalist-populist Vlaams Belang faction, as the only party that has not supported sending billions to Ankara in exchange for defense of the EU’s borders from mass migration.

Calling Erdogan’s move an “act of war,” van Langenhove unfurled a Greek flag and aimed his final statements directly at Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès.

“Do you know this flag, Prime Minister? Do you know this people?” van Langenhove asked. “They are the Greeks, and they also guard our border. They also watch over our future. My question is therefore simple, Mrs. Wilmès: do you now realize who our true ally is?”

“It is not Erdogan, madame Minister. It is our fellow Europeans, the Greek people.”

Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what is behind Erdogan's latest call to invade Europe.

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Partial translation and transcription provided by 'Realist Amber'

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